PPCG now runs the Learn for Yourself Inc adult education program. Our program of Learn Local activities is expanding and developing and includes digital literacy, employment skills, English as a Second Language, media and video production, visual arts and music making courses.


To support people in the pursuit of their interests and aspirations, we offer a range of learning and skill development opportunities for people of all ages and abilities like the new course Inspired Lives.


This is a new course from the Our Voices Program which aims to inspire learning through making new connections in your community; internet research; getting out and about to discover the local area; gaining confidence by applying new skills; working with others and discovering new interests and activities. It is a pathway course to the Our Voices Community Leadership Initiative that starts in February 2015.

For more information and to get involved contact

Robyn Szechtman on 0417 127 376 or robyn@ppcg.org.au.


A big thank you goes out to ACFE (Adult, Community & Further Education, now branded as ‘Learn Local’) for their ongoing support towards a lot of our educational pursuits. For more information on the education program contact:


Jane Garrow

Community Education Coordinator

T: 8598 6633 or E: learnforyourself@ppcg.org.au